Aaron's Kreative Arsenal

Hello artist patron , my name is Aaron Ollero and I am a multi-talented artist. I draw comics, design,take photos,dance,do martial arts and write poetry. I am 31 and although I was born in the Philippines, I now live in Wailuku, Maui. My passion for art is growing daily, I first started drawing when I was a little 6 yr. old, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my subject. I went to school and did the normal school things with the other kids such as marbles and milk covers, but I also kept drawing. Anime came out and I was hyped, I loved the art in anime so much it inspired me to come up with my own style of comic/anime. I want to introduce anime and comic art into the fine arts world one day, I may need help doing so. I have heard that comic and superheroes now have college course. It's similar to what I want to do. In 2012 I also started taking photos. I want to one day do all kinds of arts and learn all kinds of skills so I was stoked to have found another medium. My photography subject will be of everything I see while I journey through Maui. I feel that some parts of life are unnoticed and these things I take pictures of. Photography made it's way into my life through an Ex-girlfriend but I loved it so much that I want to keep on taking photos forever.

My campaign is to help me keep learning and growing my art. I am an artist that needs exposure and want to make my mark in the world. Part of my campaign is to invite others with abilities into a creative company I am trying to start up called "Kreative Arsenal". Anyone willing to donate financially or with their skills is invited to collaborate with me in my efforts. With your investments I can recruit others and also buy better equipment for me to create art with.

Contributors will help me find all the missing pieces to help me start my journey. I am a local boy in Hawaii and haven't had much time exploring the outer world. As with everything knowledge and experience about the world goes a long way. With your donations I would be able to fly to a destination that inspires me to create and grow as an individual. If the world was free I would definitely keep practicing my art, but it's not and I need your help to sustain living and to explore the world. Through art I have found my spiritual calling, help me fullfill these goals.

What We Need & What You Get

I am in need of a camera and other art supplies. I also use the computer for digital art and would love to have an art specific computer equipped with a touch drawing tablet. The biggest contribution your donations would help me with is gaining experience and helping me see the world for inspirations. What you would get as a contributor would be access to my photos you can use as stock images. You would also be able to contribute ideas for Kreative Arsenal. As a contributer you would be able to give your ideas and take part in my Super Hero story.

The Impact

My project is valuable to the world because more people need to be intouch with their life callings. Life purpose calls people with many God given talents and I plan to bring them all together. If we could bring around a new age Rennaissance, man will have reached another pinnacle in human evolution. In the first Rennaissance man was able to develop their abilities at a much more progressive and excellerated rate. I want to start an art and spirituality revolution.

Risks & Challenges

Some challenges that I might come across are not enough exposure and not enough insiprations. In order for me to overcome these obstacles I will update my content everyday for my viewers and ask them to spread the word. My plan to defeat these problems would be to get my community in Maui to get involved. I would also love to be able to travel the world and be insipired by the greats.
Other Ways You Can Help
You don't need to donate to help out. please share my campaign with others on your social media sites and help get support for my art and Kreative Arsenal. Remember to use your social network share tools.
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